Mazut is heavy fuel.
Mazut is almost exclusively manufactured in the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan. The most important thing when grading this fuel is the sulphur contentFuel oil mazut 100 is supplied according to the Russian technical specification GOST 10585,section for fuel oil, mazut sort 100. This kind of oil is graded as the heavy furnace oil. The product is produced from the remains of raw oil processing. This kind of mazut is produced only from the low sulphur raw oil. Origin country for this kind of mazut is only Russia (MAzut M-100).

The main market for Mazut is China’s market.

Mazut M-100 gost 10585 75/99

-CST 180


-CST 380 (Iran origin)



重油几乎完全是在俄罗斯联邦、哈萨克斯坦、阿塞拜疆和土库曼斯坦制造的。最重要的事情, 当分级这一燃料是硫磺 contentFuel 油重油100是根据俄罗斯技术规格的 10585, 燃油, 重油排序100。这种油被评为重熔炉油。该产品是由原始油加工的遗骸生产的。这种重油只由低硫原料油生产。起源国家为这种重油是仅俄国 (重油 M-100)。


重油 M-100 10585 75/99

-CST 180


-科技委 380 (伊朗起源)