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Aviation Jet Fuel

Portland Cement and Clinker


IRCTP Group has activity in difference fields such as:

-Building materials:

*)OPC/Ordinary Portland cement,Type I,II,V (Grey) in 50 kg bags

*)Portland Cement:White in 50 kg bags

-Mining products for cement factories:

*)High quality cement clinker (Type I,II,V)/Grey and White Clinker



*)Bunker Fuel


We are pledged to offer high-end-services to our clients. Our standing philosophy of Honestly,Trust,Directness Without any doubt,buyers and seller should to invest their time and,energy and money to do any business.
Professionalism and transparency is what we demand from all transactions we engage in. We are happy to work with industry experienced brokers, however, we do not tolerate the joker brokers of the world.

We do not work with broker chains. If you are a direct buyer or absolutely direct to a performing buyer feel free to contact us

We do not entertain non performers, non professional buyers or representatives to always save our time and energy for reputable partners. To initiate any products request, buyers are kindly requested to send us an (LOI) indicating their specific request to enables us to allocate the said product and quantity.
Offers are subject to availability, market condition, and prior resale. Products are traded on an FOB basis or CFR based on port of loading and destination.
For a company to be competitive is it more important to produce lower priced products than other companies or to offer unique products at high prices?

Main Markets:


EAST ASIAN (Thailand,Singapore,China,South Korea,…)

Middle East:UAE (Fujareh Port/Petroleum)


Africa: East Africa (Cement & Clinker)

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